hare Your Wake Forest Garden
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Announcing our 2014 Tour Dates - Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18

We believe we make a difference by sharing our gardens. We believe anyone can grow plants; for food, for beauty, for fun. We believe gardening helps bring people together, strengthens the community, and creates a healthier society. We believe an attractive landscape is part of an economically healthy environment. And we believe sharing our gardens promotes a sense of place, pride in community, and distinctiveness that is an asset to Wake Forest.

We are looking for people to open their gardens for a weekend in May. You don't need to have a large garden or be an expert gardener. Any size garden, including containers and pots, will do. Share your creativity, knowledge, joy, or mistakes. To apply to be a garden host, please complete this form or send us an email at info@sywfg.org
Help us make our town an exceptional place to live and grow. Share your garden and spread the word about growing a friendly, healthy, flourishing community in Wake Forest!
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